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On December 2, 2020, it was announced that Simone Williams became the first to officially break the original record set for Largest Afro (Female)! She was the first woman to ever break the record since it was first set. Simone transitioned to natural hair in 2011 in an effort for save for a new apartment. She had relaxed hair for 10+ years prior to starting her natural hair journey but her hair would receive an unusual amount of attention as its new hair texture started to flourish. This is one of the main reasons she began to consider attempting to break the record. After years of putting it off and overcoming the self doubt, she decided to have her measurements taken on February 15, 2020 at H2 Salon in Brooklyn, NY and submit all required evidence to Guinness World Records shortly after. It has been an unreal experience for Simone who, prior to the announcement, was a reserved. This record breaking experience has allowed her to fully understand the impact that showing up as your authentic self can have on those who are not able to freely do so. She has received words of thanks, inspiration and encouragement from individuals from Cuba where the afro is not widely accepted to express gratitude to Mozambique where naturals have reached out via Google translate to ask for hair tips and she's also been able to speak to children about the importance of overcoming fear and to reach your potential. It's been a gratifying year for Simone and we can't wait to see all she has in store in the years to come! 

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